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B. Grace Bullock, PhD, ERYT-500,
Certified Viniyoga Therapist,

"Grace brings to her practice a unique and powerful blend of advanced training in both clinical psychology and yoga therapy.  She is an ethical, compassionate, and accomplished healer and I recommend her services highly."

"I thank Grace and her Mind-Body Therapy for helping restore my strength and flexibility, so I can put the fun back in my life!"   

"Grace is one of the kindest, empathetic and intuitive people I have ever met.  I enthusiastically recommend Grace’s yoga classes and yoga therapy to anyone who wants to maintain or regain an active life style".

"Grace ... has captured the essence of what I want my yoga practice to be....I applaud her competence, clear eye, and knowledge of the human body".   
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Somatic Experiencing: Free Your Body to Free Your Mind

B. Grace Bullock, PhD, ERYT - Published in YogaU Online

Traumatic experiences can interfere with our ability to enjoy a full and vibrant life. But are the psychological scars of traumatic experiences mirrored in the body in the form of trapped energy?

This is the tenet of Dr. Peter A. Levine, a pioneering thinker in psychotherapy and trauma work, who created Somatic Experiencing – a body awareness approach bearing many similarities to what the ancient yogis taught about how we can deal with the—at times overwhelming—stresses of life.

Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Can Yoga Help?
B. Grace Bullock, PhD, ERYT - Published in YogaU Online

The vitality of American youth is hemorrhaging through what has become known as the school-to-prison pipeline. The national school dropout rate is 25-35% and nearly 50% in the inner city. Behind those sobering statistics lie millions of human tragedies that play out on the streets of U.S. cities every day—kids hanging out on street corners and getting involved with substance abuse, gangs, and other activities that eventually land a troubling percentage of the nation’s youth behind bars.

India's Bihar School of Yoga Celebrates 50th Anniversary
B. Grace Bullock, PhD, ERYT - Published in YogaU Online

If you are a dedicated yogi and an adventurous traveler, mark your calendar for the 2013 World Yoga Convention in Munger, India from October 23-27, when s
piritual leaders, educators, scientists, doctors and others will convene to share the ancient and modern traditions of yoga. A highlight of the convention will be the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the internationally famous Bihar School of Yoga, one of the world’s preeminent yoga research and educational institutions.