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B. Grace Bullock, PhD, ERYT-500,
Certified Viniyoga Therapist,

"Grace brings to her practice a unique and powerful blend of advanced training in both clinical psychology and yoga therapy.  She is an ethical, compassionate, and accomplished healer and I recommend her services highly."

"I thank Grace and her Mind-Body Therapy for helping restore my strength and flexibility, so I can put the fun back in my life!"   

"Grace is one of the kindest, empathetic and intuitive people I have ever met.  I enthusiastically recommend Grace’s yoga classes and yoga therapy to anyone who wants to maintain or regain an active life style".

"Grace ... has captured the essence of what I want my yoga practice to be....I applaud her competence, clear eye, and knowledge of the human body".   
Child and Family Wellness Inst. LLC

About the Institute

CAFWI was founded in 2006 to benefit disadvantaged children and their families, The Institute was developed to provide low cost psychological services to adults, couples, teens, children and their families, and to develop and test empirically supported interventions. Dr. Grace Bullock is a Mind∞Body Therapist, Research Scientist, Writer and Editor. She is dedicated to promoting physical, emotional, behavioral & spiritual wellness through the combination of evidence-based models of psychotherapy, affective neuroscience, and the 5,000 traditions of Viniyoga Therapy.

CAFWI's Mission
To promote physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual health through the integration of evidence-based models of psychotherapy, affective neuroscience and yoga therapy.

Dr. Bullock is currently the Principal Investigator of the Yoga for Parenting Success intervention through Oregon Research Institute Community and Evaluation Services. Founded by a Varela Award from the Mind and Life Institute, this is the first randomized control trial to test the effectiveness of an intervention that integrates the Viniyoga Therapy approach to stress management and well-being with the Emotion Coaching model of John Gottman (Gottman, 1996, 1998). Intervention targets are reduced maternal stress, increased maternal acceptance of self and other, increased parenting effectiveness and improvement in child behavior and emotion regulation.